If you are looking for guidance and to heal yourself, your animal, your space,  then I can help. 


I will tune into you, answer your questions and offer guidance. I like to find the root cause of every issue so that I can then work on and with the energy, show you how you can do this for yourself, and offer solutions from an energy perspective which may have been overlooked and discuss these with you.


Energy healing,  clearing and protection is offered and sent within your clairvoyant session when required and it can also be arranged for this support  inbetween sessions as and when approriate from a distance - this works just as effectively as face to face.


I will tune into your animal to find out what is the route cause of any issue, negotiate, remove blockages and send healing as necessary. I work with all species of animal.  I share with you my findings, and can also offer solutions from an energy perspective which may have been overlooked and discuss these with you after the healing.


Space Clearance is often an important part of your healing. You may be living in a home or about to move to a home that will have a detrimental affect on you and your family's energy. You may feel an atmosphere, hear unexplained noises or voices, have seen movement of figures out of the corner of your eye, feel temperature fluctuations, feel that your own moods, emotions and energy levels are affected when you are there, it could be that you have a spiritual entity present in your home or office or something else. Your bed could be directly on a ley line or geopathic stress that could give you unexplainable recurring health problems such as headaches, irritability, depression or any other persistent ailment - this is worth checking out! It is important to be aware of who and what else shares your space so that you can make the most of your situation. Any of this can impact your happiness and health as well as your ability to move forward in life

Each session is bespoke and all about you, and your animals, so your individual needs.  Your wishes dictate how the readings and energy healings go.

Your session will be offered online usually via VideoSkype (WhatsApp, Telegram and FaceBook are also available, please confirm during booking).  Despite what you may think, these sessions are just as effective online as they are face to face.  See what other people have been saying from all over the world to attest to this.

What do I need from you?...    Choose from the diary section in the booking link what time suits you best and book it.  All prices are visible in this section.

If this is your first session with me please book for an hour. Once we have had your initial session there are various ways we can go from there, and that all depends on you and your needs. I never push you for sessions, it is entirely up to you and what you feel you would benefit from.

If I am helping with your animals you will need to send me a good quality photograph of your animal in question, together with name and date of birth at the time of booking please.

If I am helping you with clearing your living or office space please send me a plan of the area (you can draw this yourself) together with the location, indicating the issues you are experiencing.

Then all you need to do is show up!

Everything is Energy

psychic clairvoyant readings and healings  Psychic surgery for your and your animals

When you make a purchase it is assumed you have read and accepted our terms and conditions. You may also like to check out our FAQ. If you find your question is not answered then please contact me.

'Liz surpassed my expectation in providing information relating to my circumstances during my reading/soul rebalancing session – it was absolutely accurate, and Liz also gave me historical information that she could never have known before. Liz has a most profound gift and provided me with one of the most comprehensive and insightful readings that I have had to date, giving the support and guidance that I needed, passing on to me why specific issues were present in my life and enabling removal of them. During the session the energy shift was profound and left me feeling grounded but “lighter” after the session. I will certainly be taking her advice on my future path and it is comforting to know that I am walking in the right direction; there will be hiccups along the way, but forewarned is forearmed. I feel that this session was very good value for money and will certainly be having further sessions with Liz when I feel that I need to re-balance my energies again. I would not hesitate to recommend any of her treatments as she is one of the most powerful but gentle energy workers that I have had the pleasure and fortune to work with – this is from someone who has worked with many unique and powerful energy healers throughout the last five years. My consultation was intuitive, powerful and gentle. Even if someone has not tried this method of energy work before I would advise you to book a session with a lady who has been given and shares this most incredible gift'.

GLJ, Wales

'About a week ago, I began to feel pain in my right hip after a few days of early morning running sessions. I am a regular, experienced runner and have never had many serious injury issues. I couldn’t fathom it as I had done nothing extraordinary. The pain continued, its intensity fluctuating through the days. I was hobbling. About an hour into my work, when the pain became extremely uncomfortable, I spoke to Liz, she was in Dorset, I was in Bristol. Not only did Liz heal me but she explained to me that there was more to my injury than I first understood. My emotional state had more-or-less instigated the pain. My body was trying to tell me something! Through Liz I’ve discovered what it is I need to do. She wanted to know if I felt any different.. Blimey! Did I ever?! I was able to move about much more easily and the pain has eased significantly. I’ve been absolutely stunned at my body’s response. Later in the day when I returned home the pain had vanished completely! I strode home happily, still amazed at what had happened. For all the subsequent days since the treatment, I’ve not suffered any recurrence of pain or stiffness. I have learnt and now understand so much through Liz’ gifts and wisdom. Thank you so much Liz! I’m on it!'

LLB, Bristol

'I had Animal Healing sessions with Liz for mainly my dog Tessa, but also my other two dogs. She was very thorough saying how she was getting on with my Labrador’s. Tessa with ligament problems has recovered very well and is noticeably very happy and it is very likely she will not need a very expensive operation. I have visited Liz and she is a great lover of animals and it shows. I consider the information that I was given was accurate and easy to understand. The most useful thing that I gained from the session was to have faith and believe. Since the healing sessions I have very much noticed an energy shift in Tessa ,before she rarely jumped in a car now she does 9 times out of 10. In my opinion the healings sessions are very good value for money and would consider it useful to have more sessions in the future if need be.'

** It was confirmed to me later that Tessa did not require surgery after her healings**

Robin Duboulay, Wiltshire