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Learn Energy Healing to Help you be Balanced and have Clarity for £5 a month

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Energy Healing for 5 £5 /month
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      The  sessions give a solid sense of support and for me it is a great  benefit  knowing that I have someone I trust to support me.  The info  I’m given  is easy to understand, authentic, accurate and most  importantly –  relevant.
      You have to put in equal  effort, this is not a passive process. So if  you want to make changes,  gain more clarity and work through where you  are now then Liz can help  you. Most of my sessions with Liz have been  via Skype. We connect energetically and work just as we did when I met  her in Devon. It’s so  good to have access to working this way.

      Melanie Swan

      Medicine Woman at The Sacred Womb, Host of The Sacred Womb Podcast

      Liz has guided me through a very difficult period of my life – losing my Stepfather, moving house to support my elderly Mother and changing my job. I was left emotionally drained and completely isolated. Liz has helped me keep my feet on the ground, she has directed my thinking down more positive and constructive paths and gently guided me to work through my problems and reach a solution which works for me. She never forces the pace or takes me anywhere I don’t want to go, she gives me techniques to use when times get stressful and this helps me get through the day. And value for money was much better than I expected. Thank you so much!

      Julie G, London