I have been working with Liz for some years now. And there is a reason why I keep coming back. Her spiritual know how and her ability to see and work with energies is outstanding. She is a very intuitive psychic and share her insights during sessions which allow me to tune into my own deeper understanding of myself and what is going on around me. I like her as a person as well. She is a strong, wise and gentle person. And she has humour. She has helped me with getting rid of unhealthy ties to the past and People. We often think of healing as some energy from outside ourselves coming into us. But healing is also getting rid of bad energies and unhealthy attachments in our spiritual body, and Liz is a master healer in this regard. I have felt good things starting to happen to me after healing sessions with Liz. Better finances and gaining more inner power and empowerment in many aspects of my life. I invest a little in myself every month, and that means having a session with Liz. That investment seems to flourish in every area of my life. The very highest recommendations from me.

Claudia Pavia, Denmark

Professional Artist

I love Liz’s individual style, with a spiritual energy that connects with something within me. I sense that something else is working through Liz to communicate an essence of universal consciousness. Her work really stretches the imagination and I feel this with both her paintings and sculptures. Her composition captures your attention in different ways with different paintings because she does have a Gemini way of thinking that brings out a broad range of styles – but you can always tell it’s one of hers. I have bought many paintings by Liz – her work always makes me search within … and I always find that Liz is expressing for me how I feel in the world.

Derek Bunce

Nothing would prevent me from having more Soul Rebalancing sessions with Liz. As a result of these sessions I have experienced increased intuitive skills, growing awareness of energy and how it works, better energetic boundaries, energy skills that help me connect with myself and others, old patterns have dissipated, new more helpful patterns have taken their place, increase in trust of myself and spirit, better quality of relationships, I catch unhelpful patterns sooner and take more appropriate action. I’m more aware when something is trying to hold me back and my attachments to it/them. The sessions give a solid sense of support and for me it is a great benefit knowing that I have someone I trust to support me. The info I’m given is easy to understand, authentic, accurate and most importantly – relevant. Of course, all information is open to my personal interpretation, but I discuss this with Liz and we make sure we understand each other! I’d say the most useful aspect that I have gained from the sessions is that Liz can see my blind spots. She can see those things that are driving me that I’m not aware of or am resistant to face. This is ESSENTIAL to help me progress in life. I really enjoy working with Liz because she works WITH me. Helping to strengthen my own intuition and trust in myself, supporting me to gain insight quickly, and telling me straight when I’m doing something that no longer serves me! I do recommend Liz to people – and this is because she is authentic, highly skilled and accurate. I say ‘Liz works with your soul. This is deep healing work that makes a difference quickly, and you’ll see the changes in your day-to-day life. You have to put in equal effort, this is not a passive process. So if you want to make changes, gain more clarity and work through where you are now then Liz can help you. Most of my sessions with Liz have been via Skype. We connect energetically and work just as we did when I met her in Devon. It’s so good to have access to working this way. It’s enabled me to continue working with Liz as I now live abroad.

Melanie Swan, India, Thailand, Germany

Medicine Woman at The Sacred Womb

I consulted Liz as an intuitive healer at a time when I had taken a  sabbatical from my career. I was also experiencing quite a few life  challenges. Very few words were exchanged yet Liz was able to pick up on  specific individuals who were toxic for my well-being. That day gave me  the confidence change negative circumstances and essentially set me on a  different path. 

A Hayman, Shroud
Self Employed

 Thank you for an excellent day. I am feeling very tired, which means  that I have REALLY been working out of my comfort zone. I felt that we  worked hard and that the day was well paced but also challenging. For me  the level of support and advice was just right, supportive but  realistic and above all, not condescending. 

ZJ, Devon
Professinal Artist

The unveiling of the bedroom picture was exciting, breathtaking, & so stunning. Everything & more.
The recipients of both dog pictures will be thrilled to bits, they are so lovely I secretly don’t want to part with them !! The bumble on the blue poppy was for myself as I love poppies & bees  & all things which make us admire Mother Nature in all her beauty.    Words aren’t enough, absolutely stunningly beautiful.   Thank you so much.

AV, Bucks
Country Lady

Toxic Relationship Healing with Liz has changed my life; the way I think and the outlook on not only my personal life but also my business life

LB, Axminster
Hypnotherapist at Soulbird Therapy

I have been collecting Liz’s paintings for a number of years and my latest painting (no9) arrived today, beautifully wrapped. Each painting has a story to tell and Liz injects a very spiritual, healing and loving energy into them. I would encourage everyone to buy one of Liz’s paintings, they are unique, will grace your home beautifully and make you smile!

Susan Wallace
Devon, UK

Just received my beautiful raven. He is fabulous, he looks so wise and mystical and I love him. I feel certain he will figure in my meditations and rituals. Thank you LIiz.

Annie Binns

Travelled to Lyme Regis especially to visit Liz Shewan's Art & jewelry exhibition in Town Mills, ( beautiful quaint location). Bought a print I'd had my eye on which is going in the bedroom, also some lovely shell earrings! I love Liz's work she is truly gifted and imaginative in a beautiful way!

Suzanne Kench
Jersey, UK

I’ve bought some of Liz’s gold leaf animal pictures before so I was delighted to see that this year she’s started selling Christmas cards. 5 different animal cards to choose from - all beautifully designed; I received mine well packaged in beautiful boxes. She has used really good quality card and they look just great. I can’t wait to send them out in December.

Catherine Woolfe
Northill, UK

I had Animal Healing sessions with Liz for mainly my dog Tessa, but also my other two dogs. She was very thorough saying how she was getting on with my Labrador’s. Tessa with ligament problems has recovered very well and is noticeably very happy and it is very likely she will not need a very expensive operation. I have visited Liz and she is a great lover of animals and it shows. I consider the information that I was given was accurate and easy to understand. The most useful thing that I gained from the session was to have faith and believe. Since the healing sessions I have very much noticed an energy shift in Tessa ,before she rarely jumped in a car now she does 9 times out of 10. In my opinion the healings sessions are very good value for money and would consider it useful to have more sessions in the future if need be.
Robin DuBoulay, Wiltshire


I have consulted with Liz for over 6 years and have never been disappointed that I contacted her. She has a unique sense of intuition that really gets to the root of situations and gently helps make everything much clearer. I find she has always been incredibly accurate and insightful and has greatly helped me take charge of many confusing and difficult situations over the years.

Alice Rendell, France 
Senior Narrative Designer at Massive Entertainment - A Ubisoft Studio

Beautiful and oh so cute Henry the dragon arrived this morning! He's resting now after his journey across the Irish Sea, as he's a tiny dragon the journey it tired him out. He'll be fine tonight, then of course he's going to live in Jennys house, with myself, Jenny and the 4 cats. There's plenty of company so there's only going to be lots of love here for you, Henry. Thank you so so much for letting. me adopt him Liz! ♥♥

Maureen Wheelan, Ireland
Former Manageress at 2nd Thoughts

I met Liz today to collect my painting 'Golden Day', absolutley stunning, I can't stop looking at it! Liz is so talented, her paintings have such soul and are very special. Definitely recommend Liz if you are lookng for something unique and original. Thank you Liz x

Sue Minns

Liz thanks for another excellent creative day. You really helped me explore different ways to approach my work, backed up with really useful exercises (some being a revelation) to get me started when confronted with a blank canvas! …. what next….


Just received a painting from Liz Shewan which is absolutely beautiful. I saw the picture first over the internet and was really pleased but when I saw it in real life I was blown away. The animals in the painting seem to come to life as i look at them which seems to take me on a journey.
Adam Childs, Dorset


Received my painting today from the Red Poppy Heaven series. wow I love it. thank you. thoroughly recommend this talented artist.

Anita Jones

Dear Elizabeth, thank you for my lovely bookmarks. They are delightful. I am keeping one for me., one is already winging its way to the USA……Christmas postings are upon us already! So perfectly packaged for such delicate things. My sisters are avid readers so they are in line for one each…….just leaves me a spare! S Mitchell

S Mitchell

I unexpectedly walked into an exhibition to find Liz Shewan's amazing and original artwork. I was captivated by a particular seascape where the horizon seemed to go on for ever and conveyed a real feeling of traveling without moving. She is without doubt a very talented artist.

David Montelle Green, UK
VAT Assistance Services

I absolutely love this lady's work I have just purchased my first two bee paintings and I love them im now watching for the donkey painting to go up for sale you have to be quick 😀 💖💗

Laura Williams

I recently bought an amazing piece from Liz, even more breath taking in the flesh than when viewed on my laptop! A stunning piece I will treasure and enjoy, thank you.

Wendy Duncan, London
Director at The Sidlaw Hare

I received my Stag drawing today, and wow. I'm almost lost for words. He is beautiful, stunning, soft and present - Liz's art really brings energy with it - it genuinely inspired my heart. I'll be putting him in pride of place behind me for my online moon ceremonies. Liz's painting has added a lovely energy to my home, and I will be buying more! Thank you Liz, xxx

Melanie Swan
Medicine Woman at The Sacred Womb

'Liz is an incredible life adviser. Very accurate and giving, she’s really helpful when things in life get confusing. I recommend her'

Nathalie Dauphin, France
Connecting People

Such an easy transaction. I ordered rainbow Owlie and a hand painted plate. Both items are lovely. The plate was for my daughters 21st. She loved it. Would definitely recommend and will be visiting your store again. Thank you.

Samantha Harrison